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Chad Moore Lore and Paths Interview

During Arkship EU 2013 we had immense pleasure of talking with Mr. Chad Moore, Lead Narrative Designer on Wildstar. His team and he are responsible for many different things in the game and keeping it all in line with the overall lore of planet Nexus and creatures that inhabit or try to conquer it. We managed to find out more about what a Lead Narrative Designer and his team do in an MMORPG where we have a completely new setting. We also managed to pick his brain about game mechanics that adhere to the lore buffs out there, so we discussed Datacubes, Journals and other lore collectibles and their impact on the player and his game experience. We also touched on the subject of the Scientist, path that has not yet been discussed in great detail.
We know the quality of the video could have been less blurry and we had additional technical difficulties, but I think the contents of the interview more than make up for it. We would like to thank Mr. Chad Moore for taking the time to talk to us and sharing some of his Wildstar stories.