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Dominion Devotion


Emperor Myrcalus believes that traitors to the Dominion can be cured. As such, he wants you to aid Mondo Zax in curing them using Chua technology. Proceed to Mondo’s Laboratory and lend him your assistance.


1. Board the tram to Mondo’s Laboratory

2. Talk to Mondo Zax in his Lab

3. Activate the Cerebral Rehabilitator Alpha Controls in Mondo’s Laboratory

4. Activate the Cerebral Rehabilitator Beta Controls in Mondo’s Laboratory

5. Activate the Cerebral Rehabilitator Gamma Controls in Mondo’s Laboratory


Return to Mondo Zax in his Lab


  • 100XP
  • 60 Copper

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 1

Required Level: 1


Zone: The Destiny

Category: Zone – Dominion Arkship – The Destiny