Climb the tree in the Aurin Simulation Room


You plant a portable storage device and a receiver in the tree, figuring that you can use it as offsite storage for all your greatest explorations on Nexus.

Unlock Text

The very sight of the tree in front of you is enough to send your Explorer senses tingling. It is an itch that you must scratch. Climb that tree!

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: The Destiny

Path: Explorer

Episode: Eyes on the Holochambers

3 thoughts on “SURVEILLANCE: I’m Impressed

  1. john

    The new site to drop this is lower than posted on other sites. you run around the trunk until it stops, then use the leaves to jump up until you get a path again up the tree. Once you get on the path, that is where you drop it. No need to go farther up the tree.

  2. Ari

    Hey I have no idea where this portable storage device is that the communicator talks about. Wandered around the area several times and found nothing. Please help, this is frustrating.

    1. Kursula

      Click on the mission name in your datachron (lower right corner of your screen). Or press (G) – it’s default bind for Path Action.

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