CARTOGRAPHY: Pulp-Gulp-Headquarters


The Protostar Corporation has commissioned a survey of its bottling properties regarding the land-to-efficiency-of-use ratio at Pulp-Gulp’s Headquarters. Climb as high as you can and deploy a mapping beacon!


$?f/Credible work indeed. Consider your achievements acknowledged./An honest day’s work if I ever did see one. Thanks for the hand, Explorer./Capable work, Explorer. Commissions like these help pay for the war.;

Unlock Text

$?f/Third-party investors request a thorough survey of Pulp-Gulp’s bottling headquarters regarding the land-to-efficiency-of-use ratio. I’ll entrust this one to you./Some Protostar guys want us to file an audit of Pulp-Gulp Headquarters. Mentioned a land-to-efficiency-of-use ratio or something another. Good news is it pays./The Protostar Corporation has commissioned an audit of Pulp-Gulp Headquarters. We’ll need you to deploy the mapping beacon;

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Apex-9

Path: Explorer

Episode: Halon Ring – Explorer Missions