CARTOGRAPHY: Derelict Silo E23 Control Room


Activate the platforms and explore the Control Room in Derelict Silo E23

_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Derelict_Silo_E23_Control_Room_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_16_20_10_004.jpg Find and enter Derelict Silo E23 from northeastern Farside.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Derelict_Silo_E23_Control_Room_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_16_37_34_535.jpg Find and climb on top of a Derelict Silo E23.


Good work. The data you gathered could be quite valuable.

Unlock Text

That silo isn’t currently doing anything, but it wasn’t constructed for nothing. Explore it and report back.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Farside

Path: Explorer

Episode: Farside – Explorer


Derilect Silo