BOTANY: Bloodfire Sawgrass


Scan Bloodfire Sawgrass along the shore of the Ungala River


Your scans reveal Bloodfire Sawgrass seem to have an effective defense against herbivores. Its serrated leaves contain metals from the rich soil beneath the Ungala River.

Unlock Text

Bloodfire Sawgrass grows along the Ungala River. The Collegium’s botanists demand more information on this interesting plant.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Deradune

Path: Scientist

Episode: Project Cornerstone: Researching Deradune


  1. X: -5440 Y: -433 Z: -986
  2. X: -5500 Y: -636 Z: -989
  3. X: -5300 Y: -476 Z: -989
  4. X: -5539 Y: -281 Z: -989