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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▲
Pattern: ECU Basic Whimfiber Gloves1 Schematic 
Design: Conscript-Issue Xenocite Plastron1 Schematic 
Guide: Soulrotted Leather Breastplate1 Schematic 
Grimvault Supply Drop  Salvageable Item 
Raidin' Hand Wraps HandsCostume 
Girrok Hide1 Quest Item 
Slightly Singed Book1 Quest Item 
Gronyx Remains1 Quest Item 
Psyblade of Devotion Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade 
Gribbon Feed  Quest Item 
Expedition Supplies1 Quest Item 
Warhound Scent1 Starts a Quest 
WPN_D_Sword_2H_018 Primary WeaponCostume 
WPN_D_Shock_Paddle_014B Primary WeaponCostume 
AMR_B_Light_022A_Gloves HandsCostume 
Ability Chip: Random1 Reagent - Crafting 
Critical Severity + PvPOffense  Crafting Supplies 
Ultraviolet Dye  Dyes 
The Darkwitch Collection  Dyes 
Pattern: ECU Basic Whimfiber Shoes1 Schematic 
Design: Conscript-Issue Xenocite Greaves1 Schematic 
Guide: Soulrotted Leather Leggings1 Schematic 
Hoverboard Mount Front Flair: The Beast1 Dyes 
Reappearing Ink1 Dyes 
Raidin' Foot Wraps FeetCostume 
Skugschlager Pony Keg1 Quest Item 
Stolen Weapons1 Quest Item 
Crowe Outfit Piece  Quest Item 
Freebot Junk  Quest Item 
[Prototype] Coin Purse1 Junk 
WPN_D_Sword_2H_019 Primary WeaponCostume 
WPN_D_Shock_Paddle_015B Primary WeaponCostume 
AMR_B_Light_022B_Gloves HandsCostume 
Ability Chip: Random1 Reagent - Crafting 
Recovery + PvPOffense  Crafting Supplies 
Ultraviolent Dye  Dyes 
Pattern: ECU Basic Manaweave Jacket1 Schematic 
Design: Conscript-Issue Xenocite Cannon1 Schematic 
Guide: Soulrotted Leather Shoulder Guards1 Schematic 
Hoverboard Mount Rear Flair: The Beast1 Dyes 
Chew Toy1 Quest Item 
Protostar Ultrapollen Formula1 Quest Item 
Lucent Cyanic Cap  Quest Item 
[Prototype] Sock of Coins1 Junk 
Medusa Egg  Quest Item 
Strange Eldan Relic1 Starts a Quest 
WPN_D_Sword_2H_020 Primary WeaponCostume 
WPN_E_Shock_Paddle_016 Primary WeaponCostume 
AMR_C_Light_002_Gloves HandsCostume 
Ability Chip: Random1 Reagent - Crafting