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Found 2352 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Aerowalks50FeetHeavy Armor3794
Biomimetic Receptive Polyboots50FeetMedium Armor3098
Boots of the Road Less Taken50FeetLight Armor3360
Cloud Dancers50FeetLight Armor3098
Codewalkers50FeetMedium Armor3360
Crystalline Multiphasic Cleats50FeetMedium Armor3098
Curb Stompers50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Cypherstep Sandals50FeetLight Armor3794
Datacore Fissionist's Treads50FeetMedium Armor3360
Datacore Fusionist's Treads50FeetMedium Armor3360
Datarunner's Treads50FeetLight Armor3098
Datastrike ComBoots50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Defiant Multiphasic Foot Guards50FeetMedium Armor3098
Dynamic Onslaught Stompers50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Feet of Forbearance50FeetMedium Armor3360
Feverish Foot Guards50FeetMedium Armor3794
Foot Pads of Constructed Reality50FeetLight Armor3360
Foot Pads of Corrupted Reality50FeetLight Armor3360
Footfalls of the Silent Death50FeetMedium Armor3098
Footstone50FeetHeavy Armor3794
Gloomclaw's Hertzed Overboots50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Gloomhaven Boots50FeetLight Armor3098
Gloomskin Boots50FeetLight Armor3098
Gloomskin Treads50FeetLight Armor3098
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Greaves50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Gridrunner's Matrixed Greaves50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Gunslinger's Battleweave Treads50FeetLight Armor3360
Gunslinger's Lightweave Treads50FeetLight Armor3360
Intrusive Espernetic Slippers50FeetLight Armor3098
Invasive Biomimetic Stompers50FeetMedium Armor3098
Lava Boots50FeetHeavy Armor3794
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Thrusters50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Mechanist's Coretech Thrusters50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Medicine Man's Durangos50FeetLight Armor3360
Mnematic Foot Pads50FeetMedium Armor3794
Nanobound Armored Treads50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Netslasher's Biomimetic Treads50FeetMedium Armor3360
Netslasher's Cybernetic Treads50FeetMedium Armor3360
Netwalker Treads50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Pads of Least Resistance50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Pedant Treads50FeetMedium Armor3794
Rational Steps50FeetMedium Armor3794
Razored Boots50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Razored Boots50FeetMedium Armor3360
Refactoring Runners50FeetLight Armor3794
Revered Sandals50FeetLight Armor3360
Smokeform Boots50FeetLight Armor3794
Sorrowstep Bindings50FeetMedium Armor3098
Stellar Binarymesh Treads50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Step Through Boots50FeetLight Armor3360