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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Navigator's Key  Quest Item 
Tainted Carrion1 Quest Item 
High-Frequency Emitter1 Quest Item 
Gala's Report  Quest Item 
Classic Flesh Stew5 Dyes 
Blighted Plant Sample  Quest Item 
[Prototype] Decaying Eldan Tabard12 Quest Item126
Datachron Tracking Program1 Quest Activated 
Damaged Alien Horse Hoof1 Junk 
Diamond Earrings60 Junk1270
Split Mammodin Hoof15 Junk169
Sharpened Shirook Talons50 Junk846
Terminal Crypto-Bypasser13 Gear233
Scent of Serum Distributor1 Quest Activated 
Faint Power Core10 Reagent - Crafting97
Serpentlily Medispray10 Medishots & Boosts300
Small Canopy18 Housing213
Thick Bone15 Survivalist169
Battlesworn Medallion1 Quest Item 
Dash of Citric Acid19 Hobby227
Grimgourd Cord31 Architect401
Flooded Boot32 Junk416
Quaint Windchime1 Housing24
Dominion Tank Trap1 Housing 
Random50 Crafting Supplies846
Precursor's Meditative Assist Module50 Gear2323
Plasma Polyweave Reinforcer39 Gear812
Random35 Crafting Supplies459
Health + PvPOffense  Crafting Supplies 
Monophasic Stabilizer22 Gear393
The Nuts and Bolts of Mechari Design45 Crafting Supplies691
Hydropurple Dye  Dyes 
Moxie10 Crafting Supplies97
Insight10 Crafting Supplies97
Cheap Shot AMP  Skill AMP155
Evasive Maneuvers AMP  Skill AMP155
Flask of Harvesting1 Dyes 
Pattern: ECU Basic Manaweave Patrol Cap1 Schematic 
No Quarry20 Crafting Supplies242
Strikethrough10 Crafting Supplies97
Focus Recovery Rate10 Crafting Supplies97
Deflect10 Crafting Supplies97
Pet Crypt35 Housing459
True Sight AMP  Skill AMP155
Four Dimensional Storage Cube32 Bag459
Superior Clairvoyant's Regulator31 Gear565
Design: Conscript-Issue Galactium Greaves1 Schematic 
Guide: Frostshore Icebath Shoulders1 Schematic 
Breath Sac50 Junk846
Vexillari's Invasive Amplifier50 Gear1975