Scalpel! Forceps! AMP

Scalpel! Forceps! AMP
Medic AMP
Base Level: 14
Required Class: Medic
Bind: On Pickup
Special on Activate: Scalpel! Forceps!: Landing a heal grants 1 stack of Scalpel!. Landing an attack grants 1 stack of Forceps!. You can have 5 stacks of both combined. Both buffs grant an Empower for 6.0s. Scalpel!: Increases Assault Power by 3% of your current maximum. Forceps!: Increases Support Power by 3% of your current maximum.
Sell for: 18 Silver, 58 Copper

Quick Facts

iPower: 155

Category: Skill AMP

Family: AMP

Type: Medic AMP

Class Required: Medic

Quality: Good

Added in: Open Beta

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