Explorer Path Missions Database

Name ▼ Type ▼ Zone ▼ Faction▼
STAKING CLAIM: AlgorocExplorerAlgorocDominion
  1. X: 4770; Y: -3907; Z: -996
STAKING CLAIM: AuroriaExplorerAuroriaExile, Dominion
  1. X: -2734; Y: -1886; Z: -839
STAKING CLAIM: CelestionExplorerCelestionDominion
STAKING CLAIM: DeraduneExplorerDeraduneExile, Dominion
  1. X: 4504; Y: 1615; Z: -831
STAKING CLAIM: Eastern GrimvaultExplorerEastern GrimvaultDominion
STAKING CLAIM: Eastern GrimvaultExplorerEastern GrimvaultExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: EllevarExplorerEllevarExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: FarsideExplorerFarsideDominion
STAKING CLAIM: FarsideExplorerFarsideExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: GalerasExplorerGalerasDominion
STAKING CLAIM: Halon RingExplorerApex-9Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: Halon RingExplorerApex-9Exile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: Halon RingExplorerThe Borellian ClusterDominion
STAKING CLAIM: Halon RingExplorerThe Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: Leaps of FateExplorerCoralusExile
STAKING CLAIM: MalgraveExplorerMalgraveDominion
STAKING CLAIM: MalgraveExplorerMalgraveExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: Northern GrimvaultExplorerNorthern GrimvaultDominion
STAKING CLAIM: Northern GrimvaultExplorerNorthern GrimvaultExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: Southern GrimvaultExplorerSouthern GrimvaultDominion
STAKING CLAIM: Southern GrimvaultExplorerSouthern GrimvaultExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: WhitevaleExplorerWhitevaleDominion
  1. X: 4371; Y: -1156; Z: -802
STAKING CLAIM: WhitevaleExplorerWhitevaleExile, Dominion
  1. X: 1724; Y: -856; Z: -863
STAKING CLAIM: WilderrunExplorerWilderrunExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: A Tube with a ViewExplorerNorthern GrimvaultExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: A Tube with a ViewExplorerNorthern GrimvaultDominion
SURVEILLANCE: Above the Crow's NestExplorerThe Borellian ClusterExile
SURVEILLANCE: Ascend the AsteroidExplorerThe Gambler's RuinDominion
SURVEILLANCE: Barkblight NestsExplorerEverstar GroveDominion
SURVEILLANCE: Black Jack's SalvageExplorerApex-9Exile
SURVEILLANCE: Bouncing the SignalExplorerEllevarExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Breezy EspionageExplorerGalerasDominion
  1. X: 5116; Y: -2947; Z: -829
SURVEILLANCE: Camera ConundrumExplorerDeraduneExile, Dominion
  1. X: -4608; Y: -261; Z: -967
  2. X: -4644; Y: -192; Z: -964
  3. X: -4760; Y: -291; Z: -958
SURVEILLANCE: Cortex Station GenesisExplorerApex-9Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Cortex Station GenesisExplorerApex-9Exile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Cradle of the Canopy TreeExplorerDeraduneExile, Dominion
  1. X: -5160; Y: -224; Z: -919
SURVEILLANCE: Crowe Family ProspectExplorerAlgorocDominion
  1. X: 3996; Y: -4801; Z: -852
SURVEILLANCE: Deadwind HollowExplorerDeraduneExile, Dominion
  1. X: -5649; Y: -1450; Z: -942
SURVEILLANCE: Demonclaw PassExplorerAlgorocDominion
SURVEILLANCE: Dominion SurveillanceExplorerGalerasDominion
  1. X: 5402; Y: -3620; Z: -720
SURVEILLANCE: Dreg OversightExplorerCrimson IsleExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Farside AntennaExplorerFarsideExile
SURVEILLANCE: Hacking the GridExplorerLevian BayExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: I'm ImpressedExplorerThe DestinyExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Murgh AssemblyExplorerGalerasDominion
  1. X: 6570; Y: -2730; Z: -788
SURVEILLANCE: One Shot, One KillExplorerCrimson IsleExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Redmoon RisingExplorerWhitevaleDominion
SURVEILLANCE: Redmoon RisingExplorerWhitevaleExile, Dominion
SURVEILLANCE: Sniper SupportExplorerNorthern WildsDominion
  1. X: 4614; Y: -5251; Z: -668
SURVEILLANCE: SpelunkingExplorerCrimson IsleExile, Dominion