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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Req Lvl ▼ Zone ▼ Faction▲ Image
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Echoes of the Past4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Tiki Warrior11Exile, Dominion
Something Old, New, Eldan, and Blue2522WhitevaleExile, Dominion
Tresayne's Late Arrival4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Tiki Triumphant11Exile, Dominion
A Shiny Wedding at Last2522WhitevaleExile, Dominion
The Gatekeeper4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: No Respect for Tradition11Exile, Dominion
Predator Overkill [GROUP 5+]5047The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
ANALYSIS: Footlocker Fishing5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
An Ideal Specimen4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Ikthian Deviled Eggs5050Star-Comm StationExile, Dominion
Troubled Waters2825WhitevaleExile, Dominion
ANALYSIS: Grimvoid Data Dump5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
Insecurity State4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: It Belongs in a Museum!11Exile, Dominion
BOTANY: Eldan Circuit-Tree5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
The Hybrid Synthesis4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: All You Can Carry11Exile, Dominion
BIOLOGY: Bred for Aggression5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
Deep in the Jungle4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Star-Comm Basin Hit List [Group 5+]4749Star-Comm StationExile, Dominion
ASSASSINATE: Break the Spinebreakers5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
Enhancement Offline4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Striking Colors5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
Better Living Through Science4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
What is going on here?5047GrimhavenExile, Dominion
The Path of Destruction4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Absent without Leave4441Apex-9Exile, Dominion
Salvage, Supply, and Stockpile5050Star-Comm StationExile, Dominion
thamel5047GrimhavenExile, Dominion
The Megadroids4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Platform Predicament 5050Star-Comm StationExile, Dominion
Defend the Researchers5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
Scrolls of Flamedancer Lore4542MalgraveExile, Dominion
Clamoring for Crimson Ore4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Sim Core: War of the Wilds2525WhitevaleExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Certification5050Exile, Dominion
Heartbreaker4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Sim Core: War of the Wilds2525DreadmoorExile, Dominion
Station Optimization5050Star-Comm StationExile, Dominion
Send a Message5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
Prisoners of the Cube4542MalgraveExile, Dominion
Calming the Storm4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Sim Core: The Siege of Tempest Refuge2828GalerasExile, Dominion
The Caretaker's Obliteration5050The CollapseExile, Dominion
A Firm Foundation4037WilderrunExile, Dominion
Sim Core: The Siege of Tempest Refuge3030DreadmoorExile, Dominion
[DAILY] WANTED: Sporidium [GROUP 5+]5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
STAKING CLAIM: Grimhaven5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion