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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Req Lvl ▼ Zone ▼ Faction▼ Image
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Establishing Base Perimeters5047Northern WastesDominion
Flip of a Switch5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Capsule Collection Agency5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
Cleansing the Corruption [GROUP 5+]5047The DefileExile, Dominion
Tender Insides5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
Intruder's Demise5049Crimson BadlandsExile
The Dark Ascent [GROUP 5+]5047The DefileExile, Dominion
Culling the Constructs5049Crimson BadlandsExile
The Defiler's Gambit [GROUP 5+]5047The DefileExile, Dominion
Heroic Rescue5050The Borellian ClusterExile
Supply Drop5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Dead Rising5050The Borellian ClusterExile
Tame the Wastes5050Northern WastesDominion
Supply Drop5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Shifting Tech Totem Plates5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
The Form of Terror [GROUP 5+]5047The DefileExile, Dominion
Tame the Wastes5050Northern WastesExile
Persistent Problems5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Persistent Problems5049Crimson BadlandsExile
GROUP KILL: The Rift Ranger5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
BBQ Blast5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Guardians of the Grove [GROUP 20+]5050BlighthavenExile, Dominion
BBQ Blast5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Secrets of the Pell5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
Chosen of the Eldan5050Exile
Scout the Island5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Chosen of the Eldan5050Dominion
Scout the Island5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Slash And Burn5049Crimson BadlandsExile
The Gauntlet Project5050Exile, Dominion
Queen For A Day [GROUP 2+]5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Northern Wastes Assault5050Northern WastesExile
Burning Waters5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Eldan Watchers5050Exile
Slash And Burn5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Rite of Elements5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
The Great Undiscovered Project5050Dominion
Beyond the Wall5050BlighthavenDominion
Queen For A Day [GROUP 2+]5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Fungal Food5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
Northern Wastes Offensive5050Northern WastesDominion
Beyond the Wall5050BlighthavenExile
Burning Waters5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Ascendancy Surveillance5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
Biohazard Battle5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
The Black Widowmaker5050The DefileExile
ATTUNEMENT: Flight Of Fancy5050Dominion
Out of Orbit5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
ANALYSIS: Malicious Mutagen5049Crimson BadlandsExile
The Chua with the Bazooka5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion